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"In 2012 we started this project called Venezia x Izu, to help creating a connection not only between Venice and Izu, but also between Izu and the rest of the World. In 2020 Japan will host the Olympic Games and Izu will host the cycling events at Shuzenji Velodrome. A big chance for less known local areas to become more open to foreign tourism and to build worldwide connections. Please feel free to contact us for whatever needs you should have while visiting Japan (including camping, water and electric supply)!"

EROICA JAPAN 2024, a brief introduction

EROICA JAPAN 2024, a brief introduction

Eroica Japan, celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2024, is delighted to announce special tour programs.

These programs are designed to make participating in Eroica Japan easy and to let you fully enjoy the charm of Izu, the event's host location and the beauty of Japan. We have arranged comfortable hotels for easy access to Eroica Village, family-friendly tours to explore Japan after Eroica Japan, and a magnificent tour called 'Samurai Cannonball,' where you can cross Japan from the Pacific Ocean to the Sea of Japan by bicycle in just 2 days. 

This is the presentation of the Eroica Japan 2024 taken from the CorsaCorsa website.

It is really a big event, "born" and created in Italy's Toscana's Chianti region and then exported in many countries, including Japan.

Our Izu region has been chosen to be the place where about 500 bycicle enthusiast will come (May 11 and 12) and drive thru Izu's beautiful mountains and countryside. It has been chosen because of its nature, the mountains, the seaside, its beautiful colors and last but not least because it can be easily reached by all over Japan and also from abroad through Narita and Haneda Airports.

As its Italian name recalls, it is made for bycicle enthusiast women and men, that are the representation of our modern days heroes, so it will be not a journey made for everybody.

There will be four different routes, with four different lenght:

Samurai, 183km, (5am-7pm)

Samurai route.jpg

Odoriko 145km, (6am-6pm)

Odoriko route.jpg

Fuji route 80km 82.7km, (10am-4pm)

Short Fuji75km.jpg

Fuji route 30km 28.7km, (10.30am-2.30pm)

Short Fuji30km.jpg

All these four routes will go through the most beautiful places of the Izu Peninsula, from the east to the west coast, from IzuNagaoka down to the Shimoda seaside, crossing the amazing Amagi mountains.

It will be really a great event and a great opportunity to discover the Izu Peninsula, with fantastic side events, as the bycicle parade and the Italian cuisine festival (Ciao Italia) that will be held in the near Nirayama.

Next time we'll talk about the history of this great event.





One year has passed...

One year has passed...

One year has passed since I was able to go back home for a brief vacation with my family. It's becoming harder and harder to go back often as I was able to do in the past. The reasons are many, from the increased cost of the flights to the more duties at work and not forgetting the global Coronavirus pandemic and the war going on in Ukraine.

And to live so far away is not easy, even when you do like a lot the Country you moved to (Japan in my case), you still miss many things, from family and friends to food and daily routine. For me it's also not being able to share with my children the places and events that accompanied my childhood.

So by the way, during the Pandemic I've felt that I needed someway to feel a little bit closer to my hometown and its football team, that I used to follow all my life. And I've started to collect all its uniforms (preferably match worn, by players during the games).

The "match worn" type differs in terms of cost (more expensive) and easyness to find on the market from the new store ones and the ones that were prepared for the games but weren't used by the players.

Usually I try not to spend too much in one month for this hobby, but sometimes is not easy to "resist" when you find a good piece on the web (EBay, etc.) or someone offers you one at a good price.

Ferrari front.jpgFerrari.jpg

IMG_6928.jpgLamptey front.jpgLamptey back.jpg

Giocheria front.jpgFernandez front.jpgIMG_8977.jpg

Ellertsson front.jpgEllertsson.jpgIMG_4390.jpg

There's actually a community of collectors, divided by teams they support and I was lucky enough to get in touch with the biggest collector of Venezia's uniforms, a guy from Mestre, that now informs me everytime he finds an interesting piece.

Stadio dentro.JPGBruscagin pippo.JPG

Bruscagin front.jpgBruscagin.JPG

It's not like being able to go to the stadium everytime Venezia plays at home, but it helps a little bit to feel closer to home.

Really hope to be able to bring my son to the stadium soon, maybe next year.

Everyone has his/hers own hobby I guess...what's yours??


Izu Peninsula, lesser known destination you must see in Japan (part 30)

Izu Peninsula, lesser known destination you must see in Japan (part 30)

Tokyo Olympics are over and now Japan is ready to host the Paraolympics.

It was supposed to be an amazing event, opening Japan to the World, hosting thousands of tourists.

Instead, because of the pandemic situation, it wasn't.

Of course we saw some exciting sport events, but nothing close to a "real" Olympic.

The Covid situation is getting worser everyday, also beacause of the slow pace in terms of vaccination rate and also beacuse of people getting tired of following many restrictions.

In this scenario, the only thing we can do on Holidays is to keep driving and walking around the Izu Peninsula, finding "new" paths, out of the touristic routes.

This time I went from Ohito Town, near Nagaoka, to the upper west coast sea, by crossing a green mountain, driving through a narrow and not easy road.

Didn't met anybody on the whole route, that took about 30 minutes.



Then before I could see the seaside I spotted a dark and narrow road/path on the right that took my attention.

I stopped the car nearby and check Google maps.

After about 1 kilometer there seem to be an observatory from where you can get a stunning view of the small bay in this area called Uchiura.

As it seemed impossible to drive through with my car I got on my feet and started walking through.

Of course, nobody was there and the only sounds I could hear were wind, some insects and birds.

Impossible to run up and down with a regular car, so I made the right choice to walk.

So peaceful.

I arrived on the top so tired, but the landscape that I found gave me a big relief.





I really hope we all can start travelling again because the world is so full of beautiful places and cultures that it is really a waste not to go around and see.

It 's been two years without going back home in Venice, but at least I'm living in a place full of natural beauties. Sea, mountains, green hills and white sand beaches. In Izu you'll have it all!






















VFC伊豆ファンクラブ再スタート・VFC Izu Fan Club's new start

VFC伊豆ファンクラブ再スタート・VFC Izu Fan Club's new start

先週、Venezia FCのアジア担当、タイに居住しているダニーロ・トッレザー二氏から電話がありました。

2019年に中国の蘇州市とVenezia FCとのコラボが始まって、毎年中国、タイ、モンゴルでユースサッカーキャンプを行われ、様々なプロジェクトが進んでます。

Venezia FC側で、新型コロナウイルスが落ち着いたら日本でも同じようにVenezia FCのブランドを広げたいつもりがあります。










2005年にそれまでのACヴェネツィア (Associazione Calcio Venezia 1907) からSSCヴェネツィア (Società Sportiva Calcio Venezia) にチーム名を変更しました。

しかし、かねてより経営の危機が囁かれていた2008-09シーズン終了後、二度目の破産。FBCウニオーネ・ヴェネツィア (FootBall Club Unione Venezia) と改名し再結成のうえ、2009-10シーズンにセリエDから再スタートしました。2011-12シーズンにセリエDで優勝したのに続き、翌シーズンのレガ・プロ2でもタイトルを獲得しレガ・プロ1に昇格しました。

2014-15シーズンは12位で終えたが、翌シーズンのレガ・プロへの登録が叶わず降格となりました。2015年10月9日、かつてアメリカ人弁護士のジョー・タコピーナをはじめとする投資家グループにより買収され、ヴェネツィアFC (Venezia Football Club S.r.l.d) に改称されました。

現在のオーナーがアメリカ · ユーロネクスト · ダンカン・ニーダーアウアー氏です。



先日Venezia FCがレッチェに勝ちました。




Forza Venezia, Forza VeneziaMestre!